It's Been A While Part 2 of 2

Our friends BrokenCompass in Chicago are an adventuring and ambitious troupe! They have involved themselves in some of Chicago's most urgent and demanding conversations. In doing so they have opened their doors to both incredible opportunity, and vulnerability. During our time there, a particularly contentious conversation required mending.

Sometimes when two divergent conversations engage, the amicable bridge to build is in opposite directions. This is made especially difficult when organizations are confronted with necessary issues of inclusivity. While the vast spectrum of phenotypic expressions possible from inter-racial relationships further complicates an already convoluted topic that can quickly spiral into chaos.

Building a bridge for the most immediate threat was immediately identified as a need and through a few hours of conversation a structure was made. As well, an immediate set of lenses was established for BrokenCompass to view these, and similar, conversations. While no set of experiences, or training, can yield omniscience; by beginning to see through contrary perspectives, by investing time in investigating their rationality, we can learn how to adapt our own lens with greater fluidity.