Cultural Consultancy and What It Can Mean:

Being a person of color in state with dramatic cultural/racial disparities puts one in an odd position in terms of employment. Often one either becomes a silent observer, or recipient of cultural ignorance, and the learning curve that accompanies such a process. Or one chooses to confront the aggression, and face the consequences. The latter of which, while admirable, is a statistically improbable path to success by contemporary measures.

What endures is a sense of strategy and foresight that is almost unparalleled. The learning curve mentioned earlier is the cycle of having to field the learner's consistent mistakes. This teaches both patience and foresight by having to discern what encourages progress; or conversely, what encourages regression. As society fractures, cultures will fracture as well, and the bridges between them become fewer and further. In searching for narratives strong enough to live for, disagreement will proliferate, and alliances strengthen, shift, or whither. The winners will be those who are able to listen.

The client of note (ABC Landscaping) did not listen. Years ago I advised a re-evaluation of compensation practices, warning that a key team-member would be forced to look elsewhere for employment. That time has now passed, and said team-member has taken the first two-steps in transitioning. That this transition is happening without their employer's awareness is what is saddening.

Without a clear vision of the future the incidental changes of the world turning feel like earthquakes. Without a clear vision others are unable to contribute, because they are not able to see what you are describing. What happens when the earth does shake?