Intra-Cultural Intricacies

The Economist published an insightful article regarding the influence of linguistic norms and cultural perceptions. How do these norms come about wherein one doesn't "want to be the whitest-sounding black guy in a room"? Is this reverse-prejudice?

There continues to be an "us/them" dialectic in cultural conversations. Whether it be Bernie vs Hillary, or insight vs Trump; to be a part of "other-side", or even indicated an ability to connect with them, can quickly become viewed as traitorous. How far back into America's history to do we want to dig in search of our adversarial epicenter? We can no longer deny the blood that this country as been built upon.

In another piece I speak to the dangers of unintentionally seeking assimilation through hiring practices. What I did not mention is the obverse of this perspective: Every person of color knows they need to cater to white fragility when interacting with white people. This means processing everything through a custom-filter so as to not make anyone feel threatened. This is a "life or death" mechanism that many people of color, I think, will be able to identify.

This is also one of many sources of consistent low-grade anxiety.