Solutions-Based Initiatives

There is a problem, and it is not confined to the TwinCities, Minnesota, nor just the United States. Talking about it has been done, there are reams of information available across the internet, or in your local library. It is now time that we act; the foundational awareness to do so is accessible. What is preventing us from acting is fear. Liminality is at play.

We know where we have been; and we are re-living another civil rights movement. Here begins the ambiguity. We are able to know where we are, but the competition for objectivity in this perception is toxic. We do not know where we are going; and this is very alarming in a very subtle way. Combined with the rise of big data, numbers, colors, pictures and all, everyone is able to find evidence to support their chosen thesis. Our moral compass' feel constantly under threat.

What becomes apparent is the importance of play and dreams. Space to make mistakes, and imagine what might at first seem to be extra-ordinary solutions. To these ends DreamFreely is a part of a larger network of web-domains positioned to provide an arena for learning, play and progress. being the flagship entity, though furtherest from completion, provides an initial survey of local conversations. MPDComments is a face towards a VERY difficult discussion, but the history of violence in this country cannot be neglected, or dismissed. CultureClap is where I first learned to play.

"Lookin' for the remedy but you can't see what's hurtin' you. The revolution is here, the revolution is personal." ~ Talib Kweli "Beautiful Struggle"

to be continued...