New Podcast !!

Oh my gourds … it’s not even Autumn, but I’m fallin’ in love with the way this first episode is turning out … Canin and Caspian introduce the main vein of their conversation, hiring practices and diversity. Though a broad topic with nuances enough to explore indefinitely … it all begins with an episode. Introducing … Read more

Diversity & Inclusion Isn’t About Hiring

Diversity and inclusion is not about hiring people from marginalized communities; this is a product, a catalyst, or a short-cut. Diversity and inclusion is about being able to first acknowledge the limits of our knowledge, and the boundaries of our experiences. In doing so we can acknowledge that others have experiences which, while different from … Read more

Teach Yourself WordPress

I used the Google Search: learn wordpress. Then I compressed the results, from free to fee. Because it is ENTIRELY possible to learn WordPress! After listing these resources, I’ll talk about why you might like to work with DreamFreely to build your website. First off, this is an excellent blog post that provides a one-week … Read more

Your First Website

Congratulations ~ you’re about to start your digital journey by planting your digital flag! But what does all of that entail? What does it mean ? Do you just need to buy a domain, and *poof*, magically you’re online ?!? Not quite, so let’s do a quick run-down of what you need to know. Registration … Read more

Hello world!

Or as we say is muysca cubuun, choa mi bizine! And I am incredibly excited to present DreamFreely to the world!! We are legit with the EIN, bank account and clients ~ the most important part. While we’ve got a few other projects in the lab, music in the queue and plenty of fuel for … Read more