Teach Yourself WordPress

I used the Google Search: learn wordpress. Then I compressed the results, from free to fee. Because it is ENTIRELY possible to learn WordPress! After listing these resources, I’ll talk about why you might like to work with DreamFreely to build your website. First off, this is an excellent blog post that provides a one-week … Read more

Eco-Friendly POD Apparel

POD: Print-on-Demand It’s really tough to say, how sustainable are the scales of production with which we’re collaborating? How else could be make merchandise that can double as start-up funds? So I decided to go with Printful over (Tee)Spring … why? Printful doesn’t have a minimum order amount! And after working with Printful, to integrate … Read more

An Entry-Level Agency

We cater to those just getting started, a technology concierge service for the uninitiated. We help you discern your obstacle and then give you the tools to build the best answer given your situation. We know that the jargon is confusing and options overwhelming. That’s why we wrote the Exo-CTO Handbook to help folks get … Read more