Calling all Angel Investors

For those coming straight from Medium:

​Why invest in DreamFreely:

1) All of our products center the communities they serve.

2) Canin is a solo-founder who has built a dedicated team of leaders through incredible adversity, to notable success and in support of his work.

3) All products are at an MVP stage or beyond.

Everything you see has been built by Canin, amidst chaos through poverty, imagine what could be built with your support!

You came upon your small fortune by hard work and luck; now you want to open opportunities for others!

So do we, and we probably have a better idea of what that means.

Though our small fortune is emotional, social and technological.

We built a small fleet of applications to achieve our goals, and are now opening up the opportunity to invest in their evolution.

Primary social namespaces (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) have been secured for each of the domains listed.

Rebel Coding

Rebel Coding is a commercial replication of curriculum being built for ScreamFreely to teach coding to youth. A key difference to the RC program is its integration with actively maintained open-source projects.


idioke is a platform for learning English, or any other language, through music. The phone application is free, while membership benefits and private lessons will be made available through the application, with expansion to physical locations as soon as possible.

Venue Check-up

VCU provides a community for musicians to share inside information regarding the venues at which they perform. Primary revenue is to be through ad and affiliate sales. Future growth will see us facilitating contracts between artists and venues.


DigiSnaxx has been in a holding pattern for the past few years, though is to be an estuary of digital content.

About the Founder

Canin Carlos was adopted to Minnesota as an infant.

He is the creator/founder of MnActivist.Org and ScreamFreely (501c3); and both the ideator and developer for all of the projects presented.

You can learn more about him at

For interested investors, there is a $100 application fee, and form, the link to which you will receive upon reception of payment, though a copy is below.

All applicants will be availed of future investment rounds.

Thank you,

Team Dream

The application form: