Rebel Song L1 (Limit 25)

Rebel Song sponsors receive banner ads on, and monthly updates for, both Rebel Coding & idioke.

Each web-property is fully outfitted with Google Analytics and Google Search Console, enabling a comprehensive overview of traffic patterns.

Banner-space on Rebel Coding consists of a 250px x 250px banner above the menu.

Banner space on idioke consists of a 600px x 115px leader-board style banner at the top of each page.

Up to six variations of banners can be produced with your cooperation (three for each web property), and will be run amidst no more than 36 other sponsors.

Limit 25

I am limiting the number of sponsorships so that I can focus on building relationships with each supporter, should they choose.

Since I am residing outside of the United States my cost of living is greatly reduced in comparison.

With regard to idioke, this living situation also provides me with unprecedented access to native Spanish speakers able to contribute Spanish songs!