This relationship has been curating for over a decade. The client is an individual in the process of exiting an executive position towards a second career. And while maintaining a sense of leisure and convenience in this pursuit, the desire to allow it to flourish is also present. For this reason, we needed to create a web portal that was easy to use and facilitated their immediate needs while allowing room for growth.

Brady Perl is an eloquent and sophisticated songwriter. His passion is self-evident, our work is now to give reason the reins. DreamFreely is working with Mr Perl in the production of his introductory five-disc demo series. Currently recording at Big Swan Studio, we are beginning now to look towards booking and promotion for the release of Volume 2.

An artist collective based out of Chicago.


Musician and artist, Gary Pruitt, is the provocative and whimsical band leader of 2& 1/2 Brains. This is our primary focus. Uncle Gary's Art represents the many other aspects of Gary's artistic offering. From sculptures to sketches, gardening to itrolas.

Mesa Pizza's website isn't used, but they needed to have one, because that's just what's done these days. So we built an incredibly simple website that they were able to replicate and modify themselves for each of their locations. This was over 7 years ago.

Ross is a writer for whom we are building a website and helping manage mission strategy and execution. A veteran of the Iraq War and Bosnian conflict, Ross' art is a means of survival. This has taken both foresight and patience to navigate. While we have recently completed a web portal through which Ross is able share is prose and poetry. He has a story to tell, and message to share.

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