DreamFreely brand DigiSnaxx set sail

DreamFreely brand, DigiSnaxx, was finally released today, after sitting dormant for almost two years.

The brand started life as pre-cursor to the non-profit project MnActivist, with an interest in new proliferation.

Returning to the core of its commercial focus, DigiSnaxx will begin by housing product reviews for affiliate marketing with Amazon. Google AdSense will also be explored.

“We are excited to be moving in this direction with a clean conscience,” said the founder.

While DigiSnaxx will begin with affiliate marketing, the brand is already looking towards video and other content.

Before being able to apply for Amazon and Google recognition, a series of time must pass to assure the website is generating plausible content.

DigiSnaxx plans to use this period to front-load the brand with blog posts, reviews and whatever else comes to mind.

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