Eco-Friendly POD Apparel

POD: Print-on-Demand

It’s really tough to say, how sustainable are the scales of production with which we’re collaborating? How else could be make merchandise that can double as start-up funds?

So I decided to go with Printful over (Tee)Spring … why?

Printful doesn’t have a minimum order amount!

And after working with Printful, to integrate it with WordPress, WooCommerce and Stripe ~ all I can say is wow!!!

This is a quick and easy way to get up and running, if you’d like to sell merch.

Ok, but that’s for me ~ what about the sustainability ?

I’m opting to only sell products from their Eco-Friendly product-line; save for stickers.

While here is a link to their Sustainability & Responsibility page:

Right now, the aim is to generate revenue.

As we move forward, maintaining our own level of sustainability will be core to our movements.

Immediately this looks like documenting all energy input and output; beginning with revenue and nutrients.