The best of the best have trouble following everything that is happening with technology; much less being able to figure out what will work for YOU!

We haven’t just been around the block, we are continually building our own; and we can help you do the same ~


We are your external CTO, we are already keeping an eye on the trends, building custom features for our own platforms and constantly developing new tech to further our own objectives!

We are your Bat-phone!

We’ve been there, we’ve done that; we’ve made those mistakes – and we have pulled ourselves out of those tailspins!


Tech has been making dramatic transition in the past few years.

One of the most significant shifts has been Microsoft moving to open-source.

This is a company build on proprietary software that learned it could no-longer keep pace with the competition using a closed-door methodology!

We are now seeing a no-code application movement, and other tectonic shifts in how developer and business culture work together.

We help you figure out the best combination for you!

Do you have the team, time and capital to build custom features, or are you a small group who needs to focus on product, streamlining all of your tech use through a mobile phone or tablet?

DreamFreely has already done all three ~ building custom features into mobile-first platforms.

We help our clients DreamFreely, and execute with precision – in the manner that best suites their objectives and practices.

$40 Intro:

If you have an idea that you want help expanding.

$100 Intro+:

If you’ve got an idea you want help expanding, and you know you’re going to want follow-up sessions!

First we schedule a 40 minute introduction; and we follow this up with two 20 minute follow-ups.