The First 500

The First 500

This is the primary community supporting all of the work …

  • Private Access to DreamFreely Apps
  • Exclusive Music & Updates
  • Dividends

There are four ways to join:

For those already on Patreon, for those on Github, folks interested in following the music most closely a new platform called Ampled; and lastly, for those who want to join, but don’t want to start any new accounts, you can support monthly using your credit card through this website!

Access to Financial Records & Reports

Exclusive Patreon Updates & Music

White Like Me Poetry Collection


As little as $3 per month!



Is there more than just a “mailing list”?

YES. There is also a Discord community to which you will have exclusive access as an F500, or Core Community, member.

How often are you releasing music?

I have four acoustic songs that are in the middle of being arranged and recorded; along with another nine “hip-hop” tracks with a producer from Texas.

While I’m about to start releasing at least two songs per month.

How do the dividends work ?

I’m actually operating at a place of positive cash flow and so this community support is not enabling me to live, but rather to grow … and as I grow I will share the revenue that I personally generate with this primary group of supports.