Help Wanted


I’ve got a zaney dream, but it all starts here with me being so bold as to ask for a bit of help. For those interested in my personal story, here’s a link to that.

As for the helping I’m seeking, there are three categories:

  1. Coding Mentorship/Support
  2. UX-Feedback
  3. Money

And so now …

UX Feedback

This is the initial user acquisition path for the collective projects at present — I want to ask as many people what they think of the idea by asking them to look at a picture, and then answer a few questions:

PLEASE take and share the survey with your communities!!!

Django/Vue App Mentorship

I’m building with a Django/Vue stack though right now am trying to figure out two important aspects for community growth, and request help from those more experienced than I.

– Authentication
– Selling API Keys / rate limiting

I’ve already built and run a pilot for authentication, but I don’t know if it’s suitable to scale. The code is available here on Github.

Secondly, I think there is a revenue opportunity in making API keys available, were I able to set rate-limits as well. Though I don’t fully comprehend how to do this, and have had trouble finding the necessary information.

Regarding Vue, wow! I just updated the libraries this summer and got everything back up and running. Including using Cordova to build the Android app. I’ve also added TailwindCSS.

Though much of the little Vuex code there is, is out-of-date and throwing errors. And while these errors do not immediately affect the application, I’d like help cleaning it up and looking towards the future of the code.

Lastly, there are the mobile apps. I’ve been fortunate to be making simple apps, and so using Cordova to create the mobile versions has been reasonable. Though now I’m looking into creating a Progressive Web App (PWA), using tools such as NuxtJS and others. As well, I’ll start to explore separate Android/iOS apps. Here again, I’d really appreciate some guidance from those more informed/experienced than I.

BONUS: Review my learn-to-code program. Below I talk more about the idea, but as developers, I’d LOVE your feedback on the book.


I mean … long story short, I’d love to focus on doing this work full-time. To these ends, I’ve created … quite a few products to be honest. And will start streaming on Twitch regularly.

Those wishing to be kept up-to-date about all of the work, I encourage you to join the F500, composed of my first 500 monthly supporters.

Coding Classes

The project I’m trying to build is WAY larger than anyone person. While I’m a self/community taught developer. So I’ve also created an introduction to web-development and more, based on my path and way of learning.

There is an Email Course soon to be offered, as well as a 4 Week Coding Crash Course! The first cohorts are being offered as a reduced rate ($250/student). If you, or someone you know, may be interested, check out Rebel Coding.


Finally, to be forthright, I really love helping people bring their ideas and dreams into reality. And I think I’ve found the best method to help more.

FREE 20 minute intro-sessions for those who just want to talk to someone more tech-experienced than they, about their digital aspirations.

For those who seek more support, I’ve developed both hourly, and accountabilty, rates which can be found at