Rebel Cohort Sponsorship

Rebel Cohort Sponsorship

Rebel Coding Class Sponsorship

Sponsor a class of new devs!

Each cohort consists of 14 weeks of lectures and labs teaching students the basics of web development and Linux environments. The first eight weeks focus on learning the foundations of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PostgreSQL, and Linux shell navigation.

The remaining six weeks are split, as the next four weeks consist of elective workshops. The remaining two weeks are dedicated to presentation prep prior to graduation from the program!

As a sponsor, beyond your financial support, members of your company will participate one week for an interactive virtual tour of y'all's work with the cohort you sponsor. Content recorded during this experience, as well as feedback from our students will be spliced into promotion material that you will be able to reuse yourselves.

The length of the virtual tour, and subsequent video are dependent which sponsorship level is chosen; a total of eight spots are available per cohort.

Virtual Tours will be scheduled on Wednesdays.

Basic $3,000

Four Spots Cohort

Better $5,000

Two Spots Cohort

Best $8,000

Two Spots per Cohort

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