Language Learning Tools

Language Learning Tools

This is a growing list of resources for language learners. Not a comprehensive list (yet), rather an array of, perhaps, lesser-known tools; though we hope it can be of use.
YouGlish.comgives you fast, unbiased answers about how languages are spoken by real people and in context instead of what’s prescriptively correct. better than Google Translate. connect with other languages learners to practice your target language.

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Poetree: White Like Me

White Like Me

White Like Me

White Like Me: The Incoherent Ramblings of an Unmedicated Adolescent is a 60 page PDF collection of poetry written as Culture Clap was coming "out of the fog" of their adoption.

Attempting to reconcile shattered memories and aspirations into an acceptable identity, White Like Me documents the hope, anxiety, and insights that can accompany such a transition.

Written often under the moonlight, audience only to the stars, these are the edited scrawls of a child lost amidst demands for manhood, bereft of a guide.

Compiled from social media posts and notepad etchings, this poetry collection is the beginning of all that is becoming.


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the Culture Vault:  A Place For Everything

the Culture Vault:  A Place For Everything

Alone in this world, my first friends were my own written words; and this continues to be a medium of preeminent expression for me.

My first collection of poetry is the foundation of this work, while other essays are being written and will be made available as they are ready.

Culture Vault
Receive a ZIP file of PDFs, MP3s, and WAVs.

A lifetime of new material.


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