Diversity & Inclusion Isn’t About Hiring

Diversity & Inclusion Isn’t About Hiring

Diversity and inclusion is not about hiring people from marginalized communities; this is a product, a catalyst, or a short-cut.

Diversity and inclusion is about being able to first acknowledge the limits of our knowledge, and the boundaries of our experiences. In doing so we can acknowledge that others have experiences which, while different from our own, are equally grounded in a shared reality. Moreover, that their perspective has something to contribute to our perspective.

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Language Learning Tools

Language Learning Tools

This is a growing list of resources for language learners. Not a comprehensive list (yet), rather an array of, perhaps, lesser-known tools; though we hope it can be of use.
YouGlish.comgives you fast, unbiased answers about how languages are spoken by real people and in context instead of what’s prescriptively correct.
Deepl.com: better than Google Translate.
italki.com: connect with other languages learners to practice your target language.

DreamFreely App Reviews:

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