Who is Canin?

Who is Canin Culture Clap?

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My name is Canin, and on the internet I go by the moniker Culture Clap; which is to allude to the conglomeration of the identities I embody.

Technically speaking, I began playing with Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS and web development before this new millennium, at the age of 16.

Since that time I have dived deeply into the open-source world, learning JavaScript, Python, and server administration using the Linux family of operating systems. This has all been with aim of being able to build my own projects and applications.

Though, as is a re-occurring theme in my projects, my joy is making new information accessible to others. Hence the recent development of the DreamFreely Library, where I am compiling information on three pillars of my own work: coding, entrepreneurship and community building.

Now I teach English abroad, while building the capacity of DreamFreely and our associated projects, alongside a small team of friends and accomplices.

I am also a fledgling musician:

And was once, and forever will be, a poet:

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