Rebel Coding

Rebel Coding

A growing series of books, a learning platform and a community; all designed to solve the following problem many new-coders have:

What do I do after learning the basics ?

The Book

The book is free online, and is still being written, openly, through the website

There are two reasons for it being freely available online:

  1. more readers > more feedback > better product
  2. lower-barrier to entry = larger sales-funnel entrance

I am a self-taught developer; written from this perspective, the aim of the book is to help new coders start building projects as soon as possible.

The book Everything You Need to Know starts by teaching HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Python; instructing coders on how to build their first web-site, web scraper and web application.

While providing an introduction to data structures through JavaScript and Python.

Subsequent iterations of book will delve more deeply into algorithms, and even provide an introduction to statistics, data science and machine learning.

Those who wish for a PDF or EPUB version may purchase one through

These copies are of a text-book quality, being built with the AsciiDoc toolset; and they are not just Google Docs exported to PDF 🙂

Rebel Coding Book

The book.

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The Platform

The Rebel Coding learning platform, called Rebel Labs, is built using JupyterHub, and enables students to work through the Rebel Coding material needing only access to a web browser.

Through Rebel Labs students have access to their own personal Linux shell account, are able to develop their first website, begin building web-scrapers and much more!

The cost for this access is $15 / month and $36 for 3 months.

The Community

The Rebel Coding community is built upon a Discord server, where new coders can ask questions, and get answers 24/7/365.

While we don’t have 100’s of members at this time, we do have the capacity; and a few willing mentors, such as myself, ready to help others learn!

The view is that sustainable businesses are no longer built solely off of great products, but rather great communities and their maintenance.

The Kicker

As stated above, all of these materials are designed to solve a singular, common, problem for new coders: having initial projects upon which to hone their skills.

By Step 4 of the Rebel Coding program new coders have learned to build web-scrapers.

The purpose of this is so that they can add web-scrapers to the Open States platform, and so contribute to improving access to civic information in their own communities!

Furthermore, the Rebel Coding program focuses on the full-development stack of Linux, PostgreSQL, Django & Vue.

This gives new coders the skills to contribute to the ScreamFreely project, a family of web and mobile applications built atop the OpenStates code base.

ScreamFreely provides a comprehensive, ever expanding, set of projects that new coders can work on while honing their new skills.

While also providing new coders with recognition of their progress through the open-source contributions that they make!