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For those who have a great idea, and maybe even the technical know-how to pull it off, but need support mapping out an entrepreneurial path forward.

Other times you’ve got the idea on the tip of your tongue, but you don’t know the best methods to take to turn your idea into reality.

I’m here for you!

  • Should you go with a pre-built solution, or build your own?
  • What’s the difference between these options?
  • How can, or should, you implement automation to optimize your efforts, and conserve your energy?
  • How can you make all of these things happen within your budget?

I’ll help you develop a path forward that is accessible, comprehensible, and tailored to you at every step of the journey.

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Automation is helping to optimize everyone’s digital presence and reach; from aspiring influencers to Fortune50 corporations. We help you put these same tools to work for you!

Business Planning
We’ll help you devise a step-by-step plan combining traditional outlines updated for modern digital business tools and norms.

Web Development
We help you discern, build and optimize your digital presence, whether WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, WebFlow or a variety of others options. We’ll help you decide which is the best path to me your needs and aspirations.

Web Scraping
Data has become a premium commodity, and the gathering of it a specialized skill; we can help you collect and organize data to best serve your needs. Whether it’s scraping webpages, or using API access to obtain the data you need to derive the insights you need to succeed.

& more
Perhahs what you’re lookin’ for doesn’t fall neatly into any of these categories? Maybe you need an application prototype built? Or you’re lookin’ for help help with brand or social media strategy and management?

We’ve got the experience to help ya, and are happy to do so; get in touch 🙂

Who is Canin Culture Clap?


The making of a business plan was a mysterious process to me before working with Canin. His assistance is helping me understand it more intuitively.  He has been wonderfully responsive and knowledgeable about business matters while motivating me to carry through with the work, as I develop the Yak Slack Rack, hardware and community for the art of audio recording. ~ Kozmik Yak

ExoCTO helped me set a clear vision for the ideas I had around agriculture tech. By working thru the barriers I’ve faced getting my project started, ExoCTO set me on a course for more success thru their expertise in startups. ~ Ali

Exo-CTO Sliding Scale Pricing

I want technology to be more accessible to folks, that's why I have free 20 minute sessions available to anyone and everyone!

Though beyond this, I also use a sliding scale for additional support that starts as low as $25 per hour or $15 per month.

Hourly Rates

Budget Suggested Appreciated
Consulting $25 $50 $75
Developing $35 $55 $75

We'll use this time to outline your aspirations and create a road-map to their achievement.

Before our meeting you'll tell me what your most pressing questions and concerns are, and I'll make sure you have the knowledge resources to overcome these obstacles.

You'll leave our meeting with 3-5 solid next steps that you can take to that much closer to your dreams!


For those interested in retaining services on a monthly basis, discounted rates are available.

Exo-CTO Monthly Accountability

Accountability Support

Sometimes all you want, and need, is an accountability partner; someone to keep ya on track and answer a few questions when you've got 'em.

For those in such a situation, we have the following Accountability Support plans.

Budget Suggested Appreciated
1x30 $15 $25 $35
2x25 $35 $55 $75
4x20 $55 $75 $95
Prices listed are per month, with 1, 3 & 6 month plans available.
All plans include email/text messaging access outside of sessions.

1x30: One 30-minute session per month.
2x25: Two 25-minute sessions per month
4x20: Four 20-minute sessions per month.