Rebel Coaching

Rebel Coaching

This is where we implement our Rebel Coding curriculum in partnership with organizations seeking to expand access to technology in their community.

We provide expanded entry-level curriculum, with hands-on small group virtual trainings.

Our curriculum grows with our organization, ever expanding our skill-sets and educational material.

We provide a economically accessible programs and materials with community engagement literally built-in to the learning.

Read what folks have to say:

Alicia ~ “Canin breaks down difficult coding concepts and helps others learn no matter their skill level. He’s a kind and patient teacher and storyteller. I feel like he’s as much of a student as he is a teacher. Learning from him was an enjoyable experience.”

Ami ~ “Canin is able to quickly pick up and adapt to new concepts, he is also able to break down these concepts and explain them easily for others to comprehend.”

Matt ~ “Culture Clap has a unique way of explaining the world of coding, giving a high-level overview of where there is to go, instead of just pushing ahead without a map. I highly recommend this approach, as I believe it aids the student in growing towards self-directed study.