N-Step Plan to Break VC

N-Step Plan to Break VC

This initial offering is for the idioke brand and associated products. Future brands will have their own AI-round. Venue CheckUp, DigiSnaxx, and DreamFreely rounds forthcoming.

Some think it necessary, others just think it might be fun … we stated elsewhere earlier,

Breaking VC would mean that money is going to different people, and functioning at a “predictable” and systemic rate of return. Rather than being a shot in the dark.

The first step is funding, growing idioke Daily, and subsequently idioke. The initial round is built on trust, or perhaps rather, faith; the only ground upon which trust can grow.

The old model was for founders to pitch investors. Founders were told to prostrate themselves in all sorts of ways; at times, founders were even charged money of the opportunity to pitch their decks to investors!!!

To break this model, we merely invert it … we charge potential investors to view the deck and associated materials, $500USD; $100USD after the initial funding round is complete and a suitable period of time has passed.

Why would I pay ?!?

Because you’re down for the cause from jump; those are the only people I want to speak with honestly. You have the desire/need to use your invest-able income on cohesive, community-conscious, tools for the work of building a more compassionate and connected world.

You also want to know; there is more to all of this than is written here. These ideas are the public-facing projections of a decades long research project. The educational capstone of which was studying Economics, Statistics, and Communications at the University of Minnesota.

That said, in return, you will have the first opportunity to invest in DreamFreely companies as full shareholders. Furthermore, you will have first-access to becoming an anchor investor.

What’s the cause?

Resourcing the historically under-resourced, under-served, and under-represented people of the world.

We start by providing financially accessible educational resources, first to learn a language, and next to learn skills (but that really is getting ahead of ourselves!)

Give me some numbers ~

Duolingo is the market darling at present, with 500m registered users, 42m of which are active monthly, and 3% of whom pay for the premium service.

We start by providing a premium service, and after community has been created here, we will begin to introduce a free application.

We are currently in proximity to two major metropolitan areas with over 15m people between them. While this isn’t even our target audience, they are large locales for digital and street marketing. Are marketing plan is word of mouth, followed by digital proliferation and marketing.

What do you mean “no planned exit” ?!?

Tyler Tringas has been actively exploring ideas behind “calm capital”, while Zebras Unite continue to explore collective methods of work and ownership; while not so recently Bryce of IndieVC brought VC back to reality by normalizing 3-5x returns. As opposed to the 10-20-100x returns so excessively talked about when certain companies IPO.

This is not the norm, and arguably not even sustainable … Uber/Lyft prices are going up because investors want returns. Is this the tip of an iceberg ?

DreamFreely is not interested in finding out. We are interested in attaining a profitably level whereby initial investors can receive a substantial, and consistent, return on their investment.

We build boutique products, and aim to service 1-5m commercial users annually in the next 1-3 years. After which we will aim to scale growth to 15-20m users annually, across our commercial platforms.

Though we are building our platforms and organizations from an unorthodox set of experiences, obstacles and aspired destinations.

And what are those ?

E&O: read, watch and listen to the About page at CultureClap.com.

Aspired destinations: GoFundMe.

The fact is, is that I was raised within a very capitalistic, Christian, Anglo-Saxon Protestant environment, while a healthy dash of Cathalocism; a sprinkle of Judisism … and that was basically it for diversity. (Without getting into the weeds.)

Though I also experienced the holes in the theory, and so saw them after the fact.

Though it began to happen so frequently, and with such consistency, that it could be foreseen to a degree. Just as a woman must always be on watch for the predatory behavior of a man; so was I with those who imbued colonial behavior or rhetoric. While often enough, I experienced such scenarios with those who straddled demographics, identities and desires.

This created an acute sense for what must not be part of an organization that does not want to participate is such behavior. And this all begins with how organizational leadership operates.

We are starting slow; though we are not just building a company, we are building an ecosystem.

What are Anchor Investors?

Anchor Investors want to be with the organization for the long-haul. More than providing funds, they provide their time to advise and mentor, beyond having simply invested financially. We are building communities, and they wish to be part of those communities.

Subsequent rounds will be administered with specific buy-back clauses, and anchor rounds by invite-only.

So what’s up with that first $500USD?

$500 x 100 AIs = $50,000USD

This will pay for building a secure net-zero digital, and initial furniture, with fiber optic cable providing internet.  From here classes will be broadcast, content created, and residences for teachers provided.

Starting in the middle, content creation means the adding of songs to the eventual idioke application. We’ll provide both internet and computers for those who want to add content.

Broadcasting classes means that a full audio, video, computer set-up will allow for inhabitants to live-stream classes on nearly any variety of topic. Specifically, we will focus on English, coding, gardening, and cooking to start.

Lastly, providing residences is topic beyond the scope of this conversation, save for it’s introduction.