Rebel Coding 14-Day Intro

Rebel Coding 14-Day Intro

This is a survey version of the complete Rebel Coding course; over the course of 12 emails we introduce each of the topics, and occasionally go a bit further in-depth. After taking this course you’ll have familiarity to the lingo used and systems managed, in web mobile development, and more.

Coding isn’t difficult to learn; the difficult part is being consistent about studying and staying focused!

Rebel Coding helps to solve these issues by centering our program around building tools that immediately serve you!

This course provides a path, and a purpose, to help you figure your options and opportunities in tech!

Whether you’re building your first portfolio site, a custom resume, or your first, second or third web application.

We walk you through the perimeter of the technology, and provide in-production exercises for hands-on experience, using web development as our initial portal into mechanics of the web technologies.

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Why is this course free?

Because learning should be accessible to everyone ~ the discount code is below 😉

Over the course of the emails, you’ll learn about a few other projects I have; and you’ll be given opportunities to get involved, if you’re interested

Though you won’t be put on any emailing lists, or receive any emails outside of those contained in this course.

I just want your feedback, the opportunity to continue a conversation, and to improve access to marketable skills.

What’s up with the Founder option?

Whereas the base course offers information on finding a job within tech; this option provides information about NoCode/Low-Code options to build web applications and products.

The For Devs replaces this section with notes about building your network in tech, writing your resume, and developing showcase projects, etc.

What else is there?

The contents of this email course are built around an existing book that is in the process of being written; publicly.

This email course is more of an accountability tool — something to remind you every day or so for a two weeks to think about learning to code 🙂

Coming soon to Twitch: Check out the crash-course if you’d like to support in your journey in the form of twice weekly lectures, and 1-on-1 time with Culture Clap.

Discount Code: rebelxcoder