In Search of Funding Mentor

In Search of a Funding Mentor

I’ve got ideas, I’ve got products … I’m not an expert at building the sales/funding aspect. I do enjoy the accounting aspect though; I’m a technical founder, artist, educator and entrepreneur.

I’m looking for someone with experience raising a seed round, or someone who has been around such stuff, to help as a sounding board and guide. The pre-seed round is happening through Gumroad (see below), and is almost ready for launch.

There is also a plan in motion to find product-market-fit for the flagship application. This applications focuses on ed-tech, community building and civic engagement.

The ask is as follows:

To meet weekly for three weeks, then meet bi-weekly for six weeks, tapering off into monthly or bi-weekly meetings as movement necessitates and opportunity allows.

The Catch …

I am unable to pay for such support; save through equity upon initial raise.

First off, I’m an incredibly dynamic creator; one is able to see nearly two decades of evolution, musically, through the media below included. The flagship application MnActivist/ScreamFreely is also almost 15 years old, this April 21.

Second, I was born an orphan; though adopted into one of the best public schools in Minnesota. This puts me at a unique intersection of experiences, compounded by America’s colonial history. For reasons, that I’m happy to discuss, I burned nearly all the bridges I’d built prior to creating this little island of mine.

Though I did so for reasons that, 2020 being hindsight … ought not seem illogical, illegitimate, nor derived by ill-will, to those I’m seeking to reach.

While concurrently I’ve built a team. We support each other, socially, emotionally, and technically, as needed and requested. And they are the reason I am able to present all that I am able.

Regardless, I’ve paid a price for living values I’ve also dared to speak and hold myself to; and I bring this ethos, this compassion for community and individual growth, into the projects for which I am asking help to fund the further creation of …

Lastly, what I’m building deserves the autonomy and independence of not being financially leashed by others until it is ready to so guided. I’ve sustained long enough in the fringes of “civilization”, beyond the pale of its outlier territory; I wish to continue exploring this terrain, albeit more well funded 🙂

The goal is to create a place where I can pay for the support and consultation needed to scale these projects; though starting out, I, nor these projects are at that place. So, below is the portal for the pre-seed round.

For reasons better explained in the Why Culture Clap? slide deck, everything is being done rather uniquely. There being specific methodologies guiding these steps as well. I’m not trying to be like anything that has been before, that has simply never been an option, as there were no direct models to ever follow …

So instead I’m trying to dream freely … can you help me? Would you dare try such a deed yourself?

canin  @ dreamfreely dot org