WP Bootcamp

We build you a website, and teach you how to update and enhance it.

You get a personalized WordPress website that is auto-updated and backed-up thrice daily; loaded with WooCommerce, Google SiteKit & more.

You also get three months of hosting and support; after which hosting costs $8 per month.

Oh, and you get ten hours of direct coaching and support, scheduled at your convenience.

We walk through the entire web-site creation process with you, like Jesus, carrying the weight when needed, to make sure you’re able to manage your web presence with comfort and security.

Yes, we are actively researching alternatives to all things Google; and will make sure this information is available to those who seek it.

Total package costs $550, and includes the following:

  • One WordPress website with WooCommerce & Google Site Kit
  • Installation Support for 3 Additional Plugins
  • Three months of hosting with daily and weekly backups
  • Ten hours of direct coaching and support
  • An SSL Certificate and required maintenance

Support and hosting after the three months costs $25 per month.

You can sign-up with a $250 down-payment via Calendly.

You will need to purchase a domain, we suggest Namecheap.

Why not Squarespace or Wix?

Because you will still need to pay a developer; or someone to help every single time you want to make moderate change.

Or you can teach yourself …

One really can learn anything on YouTube or TikTok these days …

While honestly, I’m really impressed with Wix … except that sometimes their mobile presentation has some errors … though their offerings have really grown!

Nonetheless, these platforms are expanding so much that they nearly require a dedicated individual to manage the entire operation, much less build anything from scratch.

Instead, we teach you how to use well tested, free/low-cost, software that is already used by millions!

This is the best option for the budget conscious entrepreneur, or creator.

We get you the basics, and we help you customize your website to a greater extent than a Wix, Squarespace or similar platform could ever allow.

You’re just paying for the cost of a cheap website.

Plus $25 per month for support; if you want that?

About Hosting

Your website needs to be hosted somewhere, and that’s going to cost money.

GoDaddy charges $6 per month, if you sign a three-year contract, and pay it all up-front; while Bluehost will charge you $3 per month for the first year, then charge you $10 per month.

These being their cheapest plans.

We charge you $8 per month, or $95 for the year.

Hosting and support for 12 months, $300.

When you’re ready to scale, we’ll help you there too.

About Support

For the first twenty clients, this means that each month you get two free hours of support; and discounted hours after that ($25/hour not $55).

In time, we seek to build a community to supplant the need to purchase any hours. And in this manner, use the monies to reinvest in that community.

The monthly fee will cover access to this community, as well as discounted support hours, which we will continue to provide.

About Scaling

Yes, we do hope to scale this operation; and thereby provide entry-level tech experience and employment to those who might not otherwise have access to such opportunities.

And so in-time, this grows to become a bootcamp specifically for artists, entrepreneurs and community leaders.

One that is able to employ artists, entrepreneurs and community leaders, as educators as well.

Will the price change?

Yes, either way the price will change in 2023.

In the end, the public price will be $995, the community-member price will be $750, and the artist price will be $550.

We will be running cohorts of five per one instructor.

For storefront owners, or those who require, a $2,500 option is available; and includes six months of support, with the first three-months being intensive weekly support.

I want to scale, and to do that we need at least 25 new students EVERY month …

At that point we’ll be running 5 cohorts per month, at the aforementioned prices.

While we’ll be able to employ an additional 1-2 instructors.

Though again, I need to scale to that point first.

And so that means finding immediate clients at the $550 level.

Do you know anyone that needs a website?


What’s the material, right!?!

We will run through eight modules:

  • Set-up and Introduction
  • Themes, CSS & WooCommerce
  • Google Site Kit & SEO
  • Accounting & Taxes
  • Mailing Lists & Other Platforms
  • Advertising
  • Automation (Zapier)
  • Wrap-up

For each of the modules, we will both have work to do outside of our meetings.

So let’s go through them.

Set-up & Introduction

We’ve gotta get everything set-up, and you informed on the lay of the land …

In the first hour, we’ll get you up-and-running with a WordPress website, and all of the basic plugins loaded. We’ll answer any questions you have, and begin to discern your website’s individual purpose, and trajectory.

Your homework: Find other websites that you like, design and features.

My homework: Digest all you’ve told me, and research what other tools may be necessary or helpful.

Themes, CSS & WooCommerce

Now we’re going to go in-depth about how to edit the aesthetics of your website; this is why I told you to look for examples ๐Ÿ˜‰

We’ll also start building your store, if requested.

Your Homework: Build out the store, or continue editing the aesthetic of your website.

My Homework: Install and implement the tools I found, and we discussed.

Google Site Kit & SEO

Search Engine Optimization.

It has meant many things over the years, we’ll talk about what it means these days.

We’ll get you registered with Google Analytics, and the rest of their search suite.

Then we’ll discuss what your goals are, and how we might achieve them.

YH: Build a list of your current resources, and what resources you seek to build promote your work.

OH: Keyword & Competition research.

Accounting & Taxes

This is totally not a web development conversation, but a necessary conversation.

I’d like to introduce you to GNUCash, an open-source and free accounting tool.

We’ll walk through how to use it, so that you can create invoices, track customers and vendors; and manage your accounts in preparation for tax season.

If you haven’t created an LLC, we’ll talk about if that would be in your best interest, as well.

Homework dependent on if you want to use GNUCash, or maybe just Google Sheets, or the like, to track your finances.

And this is the end of specific homework; the rest is optional.

Mailing Lists & Other Platforms

Back to the digital stuff; we’ve gotta talk about mailing lists … because email addresses rarely change!

Collect them!

But where, and how?

We’ll cover Mailchimp, ConvertKit and the other competitors.

You’ve got options, and we’ll figure out what might be best for you.

Automation (Buffer, Zapier and the like)

Lastly, we’ll cover automation … how can we streamline processes?

When some buys a product, do we need to schedule an event, send additional receipts, add to a mailing list?

How can we further use technology to make our own business processes more efficient … we’ll talk about that here.

Advertising & Social Media

Is this even reasonable; either way, we’ll talk about how to integrate social media into your website.

If advertising is something that might serve you, we’ll discuss platforms like Google AdWords, and Facebook Advertising.


And this is just a final wrap-up conversation.

We’ll answer any other questions you have, crystalize and envision what you want your website to become; and make sure the path forward is well charted.

You’ll have a few remaining hours of coaching remaining, and until the end of your three months to use them.

So you’re asking yourself … is it going to take eight hours to go through all of this?!?

No, likely not … so we’ll use the remainder of the time to discuss issues and obstacles specific to your website to make sure that it is fine-tuned to your specifications.

And that’s the wrap!

So, do you know anyone that needs a website?

About Canin Carlos

I’m an artist … musician/poet mainly …

Though I’m trying to eek out a living, because the art don’t pay the bills yet, maybe never!

While I’m also indigenous, so the lift while climbing mantra feels somewhat embedded in my ethos … mandatory for the beat and breath.

If you need me to qualify, or validate this statement, please feel free to message me privately.

I first started coding using GeoCities and Angelfire … before MySpace; I took a break to explore other life options, and then returned to coding about 12 years ago.

Since then I’ve been working with Linux, PostgreSQL, and Python/Django, mainly.

Eventually I learned JavaScript, and have been working primarily with VueJS.

You can check out my personal website at CultureClap.com; where I have a list of the other projects I continue to build.

And that’s me …

I really enjoy helping folks, and so hopefully this is a mechanism by which I can do so sustainably …

Know anyone that needs a website?