Let’s Talk

Diversity Dives: We gather as a group of five to talk about what is, and what isn’t, working with regard to diversity workshops and presentations.

Each session is 40 minutes, and costs $10 per seat.

Slide Review: Help me build the slides for The Art of Play.

One-to-One Coaching: You choose the topic; I’ll help us navigate to a solution, or place of peace.

How and why?

Because I think differently than you, though not in a small way.

Is this because I’m indigenous ?

Yes and no.

It’s largely due to being well-educated and forced to endure incredible cultural adversity with nothing but that education, and science, upon which to rely.

I’ll be working out of Fueled Collective for the remainder of the year, we can either meet there in-person, or connect virtually.

Toxic Maturity & the Art of Playing Safely

This is a presentation outlining my own story and highlighting the importance of very particular lessons learned by studying the Western Canon.

We’ll bring in Socrates, Dante, Shakespeare and more friends from the past, to help us more clearly see our present.

We’ll talk about why play is important, especially in the work place, where diversity is only increasing, along with the competition and consequences of being wrong.

And we’ll even use some science to back it all up!

Full-Day: $7,500
Half-Day: $3,000

The full-day presentation includes six hours of presentation and directed conversation, as well as one hour for lunch.

The half-day presentation includes two hours of presentation and directed conversation, along with time before and after for open-conversation.