This is an opportunity to sponsor the work of a mission-driven Latinx orphan with a proven dedication to helping others and building healthier communities.

While I cannot promise you that your banners will be seen by millions, thousands, or even hundreds; I can promise you that in trying to change this world for the better, I will reach as many people as I can.

Is this something of which you might like to be a part?

Sponsorship Basics

There are two primary properties that I, Culture Clap, am building; both of which you have the opportunity to sponsor.

Presently, Rebel Coding & idioke are developed beyond the minimum viable product stage; while I am their sole, technical, founder.

More information for each property can be obtained by following their links: Rebel Coding & idioke.

In exchange for sponsorship, supporters receive banner-space on both web properties for the remainder of 2020.

Up to six variations of banners will be produced with your cooperation (three per web property), and run amidst no more than 36 other sponsors.

Two sponsorship levels are being offered at this time; and space is limited so as to encourage more focused community growth and communication during this initial phase.

Rebel Song L1 (Limit 25)
Rebel Song L2 (Limit 12)

Sponsorship Details

Sponsorships are available to both individuals and organizations.

Individuals may use their banner space to uplift any aligned initiatives of their choosing.

All sponsors receive monthly updates of project progress; as well as monthly opportunities to connect with me individually.

The fulfillment of this sponsorship will enable to me to focus all of my working hours on the success of these projects without distraction.

Presently I teach English in Colombia to pay my bills.

I greatly look forward to your support as we build more inclusive and uplifting communities able to meet the challenges our world is facing.

If you have any further questions please do reach out to me via the email address canin@dreamfreely.org.

May light, laughter and safety find and keep you always,

Canin Carlos Apriori-Mendoza

a.k.a. Culture Clap

DreamFreely Presents:
Rebel Coding Rebel Song L1 (Limit 25)
idioke Rebel Song L2 (Limit 12)