Snarky Shirts

Tee Spring is growing outlet for creatives to sell their goods directly to market, without concern for the supply chain. This leveling of the playing field does have it's drawbacks; what is the supply chain for t-shirts from Tee Spring? Though it also allows creatives to find an initial breeze upon which to catch flight. In our ever present effort to fund our endeavors, DF is trying our hand at the snark t-shirt business. Whatcha think?


Welcoming Brady Perl

After spending a few months in the studio we're preparing to release Volume 2 in Brady's demo series. Brady is an extremely talented and thoughtful songwriter who pushes the listener through caverns to vistas of melody and narrative in each offering. We're incredibly excited to be helping Mr Perl take these next few steps in his career and can't wait to see where his art takes him and his audience!



After a year of development, on and off, MPDComments is up and running. There is a need for such a utility that enables transparency, while protecting the anonymity of those who wish to comment on their experiences. Presently we are just releasing this as a beta to a small group of community members, and hope to expand our reach after implementing a few safe-guards. The objective is not a lambaste our policy enforcement officers, but rather enable them to be more responsive to our community's needs.


Ross Blog . buzz

We are incredibly excited to announce that is up and running. Ross is a war veteran with a story to tell. His desire was to make a simple and intuitive interface for creating posts. This meant styling a minimal admin portal. After which, Ross had a few additional requests in order to share his writings with custom photos and descriptions on Facebook, specifically. It's been a blast, and we are super excited to continue working to bring Ross' writings to the masses!


New Spiders!

A brief overview of the new spiders that have been created:


Through the use of GovDelivery we were able to sign up for all of the emails from the city of Minneapolis, and eventually St Paul. These emails were directed to a dedicated email address, and parts are programmatically extracted. Recently list serves for the local legislature has also been added.

Calender News Letter Scraper

In addition to scraping legislative email list-serves, a scraping of the legislative calendar has all been written. As well, a scraper to obtain the most recent articles published by the Legislature's newsletter, which required an enjoyable return to Selenium, was created.

University of Minnesota CLA Media Accounts

Using Twitter, and Facebook's APIs, a quick survey of the UofM College of Liberal Arts social media accounts were made. Or at least the ones that were formally attached to the Certain metrics were recorded, though much was simply to test the mechanics of the APIs, and scripts. This lays the groundwork for a more comprehensive structure in the future.