the Culture Vault:  A Place For Everything

the Culture Vault:  A Place For Everything

Alone in this world, my first friends were my own written words; and this continues to be a medium of preeminent expression for me.

My first collection of poetry is the foundation of this work, while other essays are being written and will be made available as they are ready.


White Like Me: The Incoherent Ramblings of an Unmedicated Adolescent is a collection of poetree written as I was coming “out of the fog” of my adoption.

Essays / Articles

One of the first essays of note which I wrote was entitled Diversity is not Hiring. It continues to be relevant and will soon be republished with additions as the first submission to this portion of the Culture Vault.


SoundCloud: here lives the latest recordings and clips. Bandcamp is the location for complete songs, though Vaulters will receive all of the files, as well as new songs as they are released.

About Culture Clap

Culture Clap was adopted into an evangelical family. Being an only child, a nuanced and peculiar personality was formed.

Unable to find suitable reflections in the community around me, I turned to books as a means of escape. Though in following the wishes of the adopted mother, I was soon performing in annual holiday musicals.

Midway thru high school Taoism was introduced, along with the Gnostic Gospels. Through these books, along with poetry, and music, his mind was able to expand beyond what he had been fed.

Now living out of his backpack, he wanders where the wind takes him.

You may see multi-media exposition of this history at

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