Who is Culture Clap?

Culture Clap is the digital moniker for Canin Carlos Apriori-Mendoza, a trans-racial Colombian/American adoptee, artist, entrepreneur and educator.

He has been teams for over 20 years, and been building digital applications for over 10 years.

Whether through music, technology or team-building, his ethos for people-centric interactions takes precedent inspiring all of those around him to prioritize their best-selves, even through incredible adversity.

His vision and insight have helped win campaigns from thousands of miles away, and bridge communities across equal distances.

An Innovator


The founding architect of the 501c3 non-profit ScreamFreely, and it’s *Activist Projects applications, Canin has evolved existing technology to multi-dimensionally serve communities.

Not only by providing enhanced access to civic events, prioritizing the safety of users. He has now developed a program to further fortify the community utility of the program by teaching others to code using the application.


idioke is a revolutionary new way to learn, practice and acquire a new language!

Using music to practice pronunciation users are able to reinforce their progress outside of application.

Canin single-handedly developed this application, from concept to product available on GooglePlay in less that 48 hours!

First built to help English-learners in Latin America, idioke now serves Spanish-language learners as well.

An Artist

“When science proposes to art, I’ll be that cat with a ring on a pillow.” ~ Aesop Rock

Growing up as a trans-racial adoptee, Canin was forced to find his own means of processing the world around him, without precedence provided by others.

Surrounded by aristocratic elite, and with access to leisure time, he was able to synthesize these inputs to create a truly unique output, combining them all.


Words are the roots the under-gird culture.

Canin created a compilation of poems he wrote during a particularly difficult part of his life, called White Like Me: The Incoherent Ramblings of an Unmedicated Adolescent.

These poems document for the ire and impetus for who he has become; and is an insightful read for anyone interested in how one might exist in the abyss between cultures.


The adopted child of a music teacher, Canin was afforded the opportunity to learn how to play the piano at an early age; while also made to perform in seasonal musicals.

Regardless, these experiences sowed a love for music that has permeated all aspects of his being.

He now successfully plays the guitar, and expresses his poetry melodically through song.

An Educator

The best leaders are constant learners, listening to their communities.

Canin seeks to embody this ideal, while practicing this ethos daily.

Whether he is discussing race relations with an embattled and frustrated laborer, teaching a young adult tech-skills from half-way around the world, or working with youth in an impoverished barrio of a developing country; Canin leads by example.



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